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Why do people store gold offshore?

Opinion on gold storage is extremely polarised. Almost exactly half of the world's gold buyers strongly prefer to store gold at home, because they trust domestic property rights, while the other half strongly prefer to store it abroad. Surprisingly this ratio is consistent regardless of which country people live in.

This is why - uniquely among retail gold providers - BullionVault provides a storage option in three separate jurisdictions: Britain, Switzerland and the USA. This gives European and American buyers a domestic storage option and everyone a choice of at least two foreign storage locations.

On BullionVault you can switch between vaults in a few seconds, by selling in one and buying in another (you can only do this where settlement is instantaneous, as it is on BullionVault .
And because all our vaults are operated by Via Mat you can also arrange for shipments of whole bars direct from vault to vault.

These are some of the ways in which BullionVault has been set up to give you the storage flexibility you need to stay secure.

We, at TS Imperial believe that through BullionVault is possible increasing economic imbalances pose a significant threat to personal wealth. It is for you to judge the threats to your wealth, the alternate strategies, and the potential benefits of gold, and to decide for yourself what to do. If you make the decision to buy gold we are here to provide exceptional value for both - your purchase and your ongoing secure storage, and to see that it is you who benefits if your decision to own gold is a good one.




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