Capital & Money Markets
TSI is active in capital markets (Public Issues, Private Placements, Project Financings, Structured Credits) and money markets (Short and Mid Term Deposits), as well as arbitrage operations.
Via our institutional desk, we are providing trading strategies, liquidity and execution services in both primary and secondary global fixed-income markets. The group actively participates in Switzerland, Europe, US, Asia, Middle East and emerging markets
TSI tradable instruments
• Issued in major currencies
• Available in two forms: Fixed Rate Investments at the TSI (FIXTSI) for any maturities between 1 week and 1 year and Medium-Term Instruments (MTIs) for quarterly maturities from 1 year and up to 10 years
• MTIs available also with an embedded call feature (Callable MTIs)
Security screen for buy/sell instruments
Our database can be used for your purposes as similar security screens for further transaction services:
• buy/sell worth papers
• buy/sell precious stones and metals
• buy/sell commodities
• buy/sell real estate
• forex
The price for this kind of services are very reasonable and attractive for our clients, and procedure is very simple.
For further information or requests write to
Foreign exchange and gold services
Services offered are:
• spot deals, swaps, outright forwards, options, FX-linked deposits
• foreign exchange overnight orders
• safekeeping and settlements facilities available loco London, Berne or New York
• purchases and sales of gold: spot, outright, swap or options
Asset management services
Fixed income portfolios are:
• invested in government bonds or high-grade credit securities
• structured as dedicated portfolio mandates or TSI Investment Pool (open-end funds)
• offered as either single currency or multi-currency mandates in the major world reserve currencies
Other services
• Short-term advances to central banks, usually on a collateralized basis
• Trustee for a number of international government loans
• Collateral agent functions
This information does not constitute an offer by the TSI, nor shall any of the information contained herein be binding upon the TSI
In addition, the TSI offers a range of asset management services in sovereign securities or high-grade assets. These may be either a specific portfolio mandate negotiated between the TSI and a client or an open-end fund structure – the TSI Investment Pool (TSIIP) – allowing customers to invest in a common pool of assets. The European Bond Funds (EBF1 and EBF2) are administered by the TSI under the TSIIP umbrella: EBF1 is managed by the TSI and EBF2 by a group of external fund managers.
The TSI extends short-term credits to clients, usually on a collateralized basis. From time to time, the TSI also coordinates emergency short-term lending to countries in financial crisis.
The TSI's Statutes do not allow the Institute to open current accounts in the name of, or make advances to, governments.