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Visa Electron VIP card is designed exclusively for our VIP Account holders. It means convenient shopping and safe access to cash at ATMs. TSI Visa Electron VIP card users are also offered very attractive insurance covers. TSI Visa Electron VIP ensures convenient access to cash deposited in the account – you can withdraw it from VISA-branded ATMs up to the balance amount. There is even more to it! Apart from free withdrawals from any ATMs, you can also make withdrawals from all ATMs arround the world! First withdrawal abroad within one calendar month is free of charge.

Shopping without cash:
With your TSI Visa Electron VIP card, you can pay safely and comfortably for goods and services worldwide and your name will not appeare nowhere!

Secure transactions:
Each transaction with TSI Visa Electron VIP is authorised. If you lose your card, we will take over responsibility for all the transactions effected after you have reported the card loss. Each card is fitted with a chip that upgrades its security and no name on your card is giving to our customer much more security, because ONLY we know the name of customer and after your report the card is immediately blocked! Also this is giving us oportunity to protect the privacy of our customers in any kind of situation. Once you report the loss of your card, we will take over entire responsibility for transactions made with the lost card. For better protection, you can take advantage of our insurance package.

Attractive insurance package:
As a TSI card holder, you are entitled to financial insurance package against unauthorised use of the card, theft of cash withdrawn from ATM; the lowest price guarantee; insurance for goods purchased with the card. Insurance package costs only EUR 10 per month!

One card for four years:
Your TSI Visa Electron VIP is valid for four years. Then, you will receive a new one by post with the no expire date! We do not charge you for the new card. You do not pay for its use or its renewal!

Secure online transactions:
You can also pay for online shopping with you card. Now it is even more secure! 3D Secure is an additional free-of-charge system which secures payments you make with your card via the Internet.

Your online shopping has never been so secure! Now you can pay via the Internet with all cards issued by TSI for personal customers!
No need to worry now that your data will be leaked or accessed by unauthorised persons. From September 2007, each cardholder of VISA card issued by TSI who shops in online stores worldwide can use free 3D-Secure designed to improve the security of Internet payments. What you only need to do is to have an active access to TSI 24 e-services and enrol your card in the 3D-Secure scheme to take advantage of this service. TSI is following the security technolgy by giving the priority to the clients needs by launching 3D-Secure for secure Internet payments on a massive scale. On 1 August 2007, 3D-Secure was introduced for All cardholders arround the world. Since 24 September 2007, 3D-Secure has been available to cardholders of all VISA debit and credit cards, both embossed and non-embossed, the cards which will be issued by TSI for personal customers are also secured by 3D-Secure. Thanks to 3D-Secure, VISA electron debit cards can now be used for Internet payments. With 3D-Secure, you can now enjoy online shopping thanks to additional authorisation of your internet transactions with the use of TSI24 e-services authorisation mechanisms. 3D-Secure is a protocol adopted by Visa International as a standard to secure online transactions.

Benefits of 3D-Secure:
More secure online shopping
3D-Secure upgrades the security of your Internet shopping. Before cardholders were authenticated by being asked to enter: card number, expiry date and CVV2/CVC2. Now, with the 3D-Secure technology, cardholders are additionally authenticated based on SMS (text message) code (or token code) used in TSI24 e-services. SMS codes and token codes are additional passwords which secure payments.

3D-Secure is available if:
TSI issues VISA, Maestro and MasterCard. TSI cards are for personal customers and companies and provides active TSI24 e-services secured with SMS code or token, an online store enables such authentication. Otherwise, online transactions will be processed as usual. The 3D-Secure service can be activated at the time of your first online payment with VISA, Maestro and MasterCard TSI card for personal customers. You are directed to TSI24 service where you need to log in and follow guidelines on subsequent sites. Upon registration for 3D-Secure, cardholders will be asked to enter SMS code (or token code) to confirm each online transaction.

Benefits for you:

1) 3D-Secure improves the security of your online payments and is free of charge.

2) With 3D-Secure you can feel more secure – cardholder authentication at the time of payment upgrades the security of transactions.

3) You are one of first customers to use the 3D-secure service integrated with your TSI24 services.

4) To activate 3D-Secure, no additional passwords or PIN are required. You use your services as before


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