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Private banking

• Personal and discrete relationship with our clients:

Every client in our house is well respected together with his privacy. Client can engage TS Imperial in any transaction with the comfort of knowing that their information will be kept in strict confidence. We will not discuss a client's portfolio with any outside party nor will we advertise our client list to the third parties.

• Identify their financing and investment needs and quantify their risk exposures

Multi Manager Investing - Diversification of risk is an important objective for most investors in today’s volatile markets. Investment risk can be reduced by holding a diversified portfolio of assets which cover the world’s major economies, industries and investment themes. In reality, a sufficiently diversified portfolio requires a significant capital sum and it can be time consuming and expensive to manage when transaction and custody charges are taken into account. Whilst a managed fund might help this dilemma by solving the problem of choosing individual investments, they do not necessarily solve the question of which markets to select and which fund managers to use. TS Imperial can provide a solution to these concerns. It combines the investment expertise of TS Imperial Credit Institute with the skills of leading fund management groups, ensuring that the Fund is invested in markets where managers have proven strengths (energy, mining, food production, financial instruments market, etc.).
An important feature of this process is the independent approach taken when selecting funds. This approach recognizes the fact that no one investment house performs well in all markets or asset types and it is therefore necessary to select managers based on their individual strengths

• Determine a financing and investment strategy to optimally reduce exposure

In most of cases with the other financial institutions the value of the investment plan for every client depends on the performance of the assets that are chosen. Asset price fluctuations may result in losses, especially in the short term, and gains or losses may arise as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.
TS Imperial itself does not give advice on the suitability of its products or investments selected for individual clients. TS Imperial employ independent financial advisors on the basis that the independent financial advisor is, in all respects, the agent of the client. The relevant Terms and Conditions set out the full details of the contract between the client and the TS Imperial. Copies of the Terms and Conditions are available on request. This plan is covered by the terms of the International Assurances (Compensation of Policyholders) Regulations (1991). TS Imperial reserves the right to adjust the returns from investments to cater for any levy or charge made on it under these regulations or any similar legislation

• Formulate technical alternatives

We seek to engage in our work new and modern technical alternatives to insure our technology is current and that our systems will meet the expectations of our clients. We will deliver proven industry accepted operating platforms with robust proprietary customization to meet the diverse needs of each client. TS Imperial is International Credit Institute, Brokerage & Security House and banking compliant!

• Take an optimal decision together with our clients

It is important to us that our output provides our clients with the comfort of knowing they can rely on us. Our clearing house stands behind all the work we perform.

• Optimization of client results

What is that we seek for our clients? It is to solve the problems of our clients by coming up with solutions that meet their unique requirements. We understand that not every situation can be boxed into a standard so we embrace a flexible response to customer needs by giving them several opportunities for decission.

• Centralization of counterparties
With the TS Imperial clients can expect to meet two seemingly opposing goals: efficiency and growth. Those that enhance one often run counter to achieving the other. TS Imperial is able to deliver on both efficiency and growth while balancing these capabilities across the complex of financial institutions and world wide banks and organizations. With this charter, TS Imperial is able to collaborate, analyze issues and provide recommendations that enhance both the top and bottom line growth of the enterprise



Your private banker can help you identify your wealth goals and develop strategies to achieve them.


Providing the resources and expertise to manage complex banking requirements.