Security with Gold assets

In light of recent world events in the financial markets, there could not be a more secured asset to support a Bond issue than the commodity of Gold. Our Bonds issue have the underlying security of Gold Assets. In today’s markets, there could be no better choice than our Bonds issue.

Secure your future

Compared to other competition, TS Imperial connected to bullion vault account is significantly safer for your money in several ways. If other banks or financial institutions to go bankrupt now, the status of money in your accont would be unclear, and bank's debtors would at least make an attempt to claim it. In contrast, the gold that corresponds to TS Imperial connected to bullion vault account is not owned by TS Imperial but is connected to bullion vault account, eliminating this worry. Instead, title is held by a trust (The TS Imperial and Bullion Reserve Special Purpose Trust) founded specifically for the purpose of holding bullion vault account users' gold, and the metal can only be removed from storage by permission of owner, TS Imperial bullion vault account and an independent escrow agent. In fact, exchanging money is done through the bank to eliminate the need for TS Imperial to hold any national currency with its associated risks. Also, unlike its peers, TS Imperial for clients connected to bullion vault accounts, inform clients with a lot of statistical information regarding registered the amount of GOLD in circulation, which is nice and makes you feel a bit safer about your money.

In another sense, however, the security feels less watertight. Your account number is not public information, it is coded (since you need to tell it to anyone who wants to send you gold or money), and therefore only a single (clients) password controls access to your gold. Having used a number of internet banking sites, we feel that additional security such as password lists is needed


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