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Structured credits

Structured Credit Trading (SCT) is the industry-leading business unit focusing on credit derivatives, structured products and collateralized debt obligations globally. SCT is fully integrated into the work policy of TS Imperial global credit business. SCT provides derivative instruments, customized investment products, structured finance advice and innovative solutions for credit market participants that complement the client's overall investment strategies and objectives. By linking SCT to the cash credit businesses, clients benefit from the full capabilities of TS Imperial credit business licence, from global origination, market making, award-winning credit research and strategy specialists, and global distribution.

SCT system of work operates across all global credit markets: E.U. Corporate, Preferred Stock, E.U. High Yield EURO Bond and Loan Markets, Emerging Markets, Euro-Clear Markets and Asian Markets. SCT operates globally with over 150 professionals based in Frankfurt, Zurich, New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong.



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